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Direct current ballast circuit for metal halide lamp
Document ID: 19820016551
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Author: Lutus, P. (inventor)
Abstract: A direct current ballast circuit for a two electrode metal halide lamp is described. Said direct hide
Publication Year: 1981
Document Type: Patent Application
Report/Patent Number: US-PATENT-APPL-SN-293419, NASA-CASE-MSC-18407-1
Date Acquired: Nov 13, 1995
Direct-current converter for gas-discharge lamps
Document ID: 19800000156
Author: Lutus, P.
Abstract: Metal/halide and similar gas-discharge lamps are powered from low-voltage dc source using small hide
Publication Year: 1980
Document Type: NASA Tech Brief
Report/Patent Number: MSC-18407
Date Acquired: Nov 04, 1995
Fluorescent dimming ballast
Document ID: 19760000292
Author: Lutus, P.
Abstract: High-frequency inverter and saturable inductor control fluorescent lighting system operating from 20 hide
Publication Year: 1977
Document Type: NASA Tech Brief
Report/Patent Number: MSC-14937
Date Acquired: Nov 04, 1995
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