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Study of aircraft in intraurban transportation systems, volume 1An analysis of an effective short range, high density computer transportation system for intraurban systems is presented. The seven county Detroit, Michigan, metropolitan area, was chosen as the scenario for the analysis. The study consisted of an analysis and forecast of the Detroit market through 1985, a parametric analysis of appropriate short haul aircraft concepts and associated ground systems, and a preliminary overall economic analysis of a simplified total system designed to evaluate the candidate vehicles and select the most promising VTOL and STOL aircraft. Data are also included on the impact of advanced technology on the system, the sensitivity of mission performance to changes in aircraft characteristics and system operations, and identification of key problem areas that may be improved by additional research. The approach, logic, and computer models used are adaptable to other intraurban or interurban areas.
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Stout, E. G.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Kesling, P. H.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Matteson, H. C.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Sherwood, D. E.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Tuck, W. R., Jr.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Vaughn, L. A.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
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September 2, 2013
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June 1, 1971
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