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Experimental determination of cosmic ray charged particle intensity profiles in the atmosphereAbsolute cosmic-ray free air ionization and charged particle fluxes and dose rates throughout the atmosphere were measured on a series of balloon flights that commenced in 1968. Argon-filled ionization chambers equipped with solid-state electrometers, with different gas pressures and steel wall thicknesses, and a pair of aluminum-wall Gm counters have provided the basic data. These data are supplemented by measurements with air-filled and tissue equivalent ionization chambers and a scintillation spectrometer. Laboratory experiments together with analyses of the theoretical aspects of the detector responses to cosmic radiation indicate that these profiles can be determined to an overall accuracy of + or - 5 percent.
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Conference Paper
Lowder, W. M. (Atomic Energy Commission New York, NY, United States)
Zraft, P. D. (Atomic Energy Commission New York, NY, United States)
Beck, H. L. (Atomic Energy Commission New York, NY, United States)
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August 6, 2013
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January 1, 1972
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Publication: NASA, Washington Proc. of the Natl. Symp. on Nat. and Manmade Radiation in Space
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