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Correaltion of full-scale drag predictions with flight measurements on the C-141A aircraft. Phase 2: Wind tunnel test, analysis, and prediction techniques. Volume 1: Drag predictions, wind tunnel data analysis and correlationThe degree of cruise drag correlation on the C-141A aircraft is determined between predictions based on wind tunnel test data, and flight test results. An analysis of wind tunnel tests on a 0.0275 scale model at Reynolds number up to 3.05 x 1 million/MAC is reported. Model support interference corrections are evaluated through a series of tests, and fully corrected model data are analyzed to provide details on model component interference factors. It is shown that predicted minimum profile drag for the complete configuration agrees within 0.75% of flight test data, using a wind tunnel extrapolation method based on flat plate skin friction and component shape factors. An alternative method of extrapolation, based on computed profile drag from a subsonic viscous theory, results in a prediction four percent lower than flight test data.
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Contractor Report (CR)
Macwilkinson, D. G.
(Lockheed-Georgia Co. Marietta, GA, United States)
Blackerby, W. T.
(Lockheed-Georgia Co. Marietta, GA, United States)
Paterson, J. H.
(Lockheed-Georgia Co. Marietta, GA, United States)
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September 3, 2013
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February 1, 1974
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