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Determination of aerosol content in the atmosphere from ERTS-1 dataThe author has identified the following significant results. Significant results, relating the radiance over water surfaces to the atmospheric aerosol content, have been obtained. The results indicate that the MSS channels 4, 5, and 6 centered at 0.55, 0.65, and 0.75 microns have comparable sensitivity, and that the aerosol content can be determined within + or - 10% with the assumed measurement errors of the MSS. The fourth channel, MSS 7, is not useful for aerosol determination due to the water radiance values from this channel generally being less than the instrument noise. The accuracy of the aerosol content measurement could be increased by using an instrument specifically designed for this purpose. This radiance-aerosol content relationship can possibly provide a basis for monitoring the atmospheric aerosol content on a global basis, allowing a base-line value of aerosols to be established. The contrast-aerosol content investigation shows useful linear relationships in MSS channels 4 and 5, allowing the aerosol content to be determined within + or - 10%. MSS 7 is not useful due to the low accuracy in the water radiance, and MSS 6 is found to be too insensitive. These results rely on several assumptions due to the lack of ground truth data, but do serve to indicate which channels are most useful.
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Griggs, M.
(Science Applications, Inc. La Jolla, CA, United States)
Ludwig, C. B.
(Science Applications, Inc. La Jolla, CA, United States)
Malkmus, W.
(Science Applications, Inc. La Jolla, CA, United States)
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September 3, 2013
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October 23, 1973
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