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Wind-tunnel investigation of the tail-spoiler concept for stall-prevention on general aviation airplanesThe longitudinal aerodynamic characteristics of a full scale, single engine general aviation airplane equipped with an angle of attack limiting concept which used a tail mounted spoiler for stall prevention were investigated. The tail spoiler was deployed as a nonlinear function of changes in angle of attack in a narrow angle of attack range immediately preceding the stall angle. Spoiler deployment produced a nose down moment which limited the nose up trim capability of the elevator to an angle of attack below the stall angle of the airplane. The tail spoiler system produced significant increases in longitudinal stability and elevator hinge moments near the stall. The effects of power, flaps, and center of gravity position are also studied.
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Technical Memorandum (TM)
Satran, D. R.
(NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
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September 4, 2013
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November 1, 1981
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Aeronautics (General)
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PROJECT: RTOP 505-41-13-01
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