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Study of advanced fuel system concepts for commercial aircraft and enginesThe impact on a commercial transport aircraft of using fuels which have relaxed property limits relative to current commercial jet fuel was assessed. The methodology of the study is outlined, fuel properties are discussed, and the effect of the relaxation of fuel properties analyzed. Advanced fuel system component designs that permit the satisfactory use of fuel with the candidate relaxed properties in the subject aircraft are described. The two fuel properties considered in detail are freezing point and thermal stability. Three candidate fuel system concepts were selected and evaluated in terms of performance, cost, weight, safety, and maintainability. A fuel system that incorporates insulation and electrical heating elements on fuel tank lower surfaces was found to be most cost effective for the long term.
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Contractor Report (CR)
Versaw, E. F.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Brewer, G. D.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Byers, W. D.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Fogg, H. W.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Hanks, D. E.
(Lockheed-California Co. Burbank, CA, United States)
Chirivella, J.
(Ergo-Tech, Inc.)
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September 5, 2013
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January 1, 1983
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Propellants And Fuels
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NAS 1.26:174752
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