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Discussion of the paper, Some Aspects of Propulsion for the Augmenter-Wing Concept, by D. C. WhittleyMany modern concepts for STOL and V/STOL aircraft rely on integration of the propulsion system with the wing to create favorable lift interactions, and are known as powered lift concepts. A study of powered lift, concerning management and control of the various propulsive streams or jets is presented, each concept having its own particular objectives and requirements. Some specific objectives of this kind are described which relate to the augmentor wing. Consideration is given to three aspects of the subject, namely the augmentor flap itself, the wind ducting and augmentor primary nozzle, and the choice of powerplant or engine cycle. More generally, comments are made regarding noise attenuation and the prospect for achieving a low overall noise level for jet STOL aircraft of the future.
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Conference Paper
Schmitt, H. (NASA Headquarters Washington, DC United States)
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September 5, 2013
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July 1, 1985
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NAS 1.15:77884
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