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A rapid prototyping/artificial intelligence approach to space station-era information management and accessApplications of rapid prototyping and Artificial Intelligence techniques to problems associated with Space Station-era information management systems are described. In particular, the work is centered on issues related to: (1) intelligent man-machine interfaces applied to scientific data user support, and (2) the requirement that intelligent information management systems (IIMS) be able to efficiently process metadata updates concerning types of data handled. The advanced IIMS represents functional capabilities driven almost entirely by the needs of potential users. Space Station-era scientific data projected to be generated is likely to be significantly greater than data currently processed and analyzed. Information about scientific data must be presented clearly, concisely, and with support features to allow users at all levels of expertise efficient and cost-effective data access. Additionally, mechanisms for allowing more efficient IIMS metadata update processes must be addressed. The work reported covers the following IIMS design aspects: IIMS data and metadata modeling, including the automatic updating of IIMS-contained metadata, IIMS user-system interface considerations, including significant problems associated with remote access, user profiles, and on-line tutorial capabilities, and development of an IIMS query and browse facility, including the capability to deal with spatial information. A working prototype has been developed and is being enhanced.
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Conference Paper
Carnahan, Richard S., Jr.
(Martin Marietta Corp. Denver, CO, United States)
Corey, Stephen M.
(Martin Marietta Corp. Denver, CO, United States)
Snow, John B.
(Martin Marietta Corp. Denver, CO, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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April 1, 1989
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center, The 1989 Goddard Conference on Space Applications of Artificial Intelligence
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