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Effect of open hole on tensile failure properties of 2D triaxial braided textile composites and tape equivalentsThe unnotched and notched (open hole) tensile strength and failure mechanisms of two-dimensional (2D) triaxial braided composites were examined. The effect of notch size and notch position were investigated. Damage initiation and propagation in notched and unnotched coupons were also examined. Theory developed to predict the normal stress distribution near an open hole and failure for tape laminated composites was evaluated for its applicability to triaxial braided textile composite materials. Four fiber architectures were considered with different combinations of braid angle, longitudinal and braider yam size, and percentage of longitudinal yarns. Tape laminates equivalent to textile composites were also constructed for comparison. Unnotched tape equivalents were stronger than braided textiles but exhibited greater notch sensitivity. Notched textiles and tape equivalents have roughly the same strength at large notch sizes. Two common damage mechanisms were found: braider yams cracking and near notch longitudinal yarn splitting. Cracking was found to initiate in braider yarns in unnotched and notched coupons, and propagate in the direction of the braider yarns until failure. Longitudinal yarn splitting occurred in three of four architectures that were longitudinally fiber dominated. Damage initiation stress decreased with increasing braid angle. No significant differences in prediction of near notch stress between measured and predicted stress were weak for textiles with large braid angle. Notch strength could not be predicted using existing anisotropic theory for braided textiles due to their insensitivity to notch.
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Norman, Timothy L.
(West Virginia Univ. Morgantown, VA, United States)
Anglin, Colin
(West Virginia Univ. Morgantown, VA, United States)
Gaskin, David
(West Virginia Univ. Morgantown, VA, United States)
Patrick, Mike
(West Virginia Univ. Morgantown, VA, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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June 1, 1995
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Composite Materials
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NAS 1.26:4676
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PROJECT: RTOP 510-02-11-07
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