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Manual for a workstation-based generic flight simulation program (LaRCsim), version 1.4LaRCsim is a set of ANSI C routines that implement a full set of equations of motion for a rigid-body aircraft in atmospheric and low-earth orbital flight, suitable for pilot-in-the-loop simulations on a workstation-class computer. All six rigid-body degrees of freedom are modeled. The modules provided include calculations of the typical aircraft rigid-body simulation variables, earth geodesy, gravity and atmospheric models, and support several data recording options. Features/limitations of the current version include English units of measure, a 1962 atmosphere model in cubic spline function lookup form, ranging from sea level to 75,000 feet, rotating oblate spheroidal earth model, with aircraft C.G. coordinates in both geocentric and geodetic axes. Angular integrations are done using quaternion state variables Vehicle X-Z symmetry is assumed.
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Legacy CDMS
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Technical Memorandum (TM)
Jackson, E. Bruce
(NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
May 1, 1995
Subject Category
Aircraft Stability And Control
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NAS 1.15:110164
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PROJECT: RTOP 505-64-52-01
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.
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