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an integrated planning representation using macros, abstractions, and casesPlanning will be an essential part of future autonomous robots and integrated intelligent systems. This paper focuses on learning problem solving knowledge in planning systems. The system is based on a common representation for macros, abstractions, and cases. Therefore, it is able to exploit both classical and case based techniques. The general operators in a successful plan derivation would be assessed for their potential usefulness, and some stored. The feasibility of this approach was studied through the implementation of a learning system for abstraction. New macros are motivated by trying to improve the operatorset. One heuristic used to improve the operator set is generating operators with more general preconditions than existing ones. This heuristic leads naturally to abstraction hierarchies. This investigation showed promising results on the towers of Hanoi problem. The paper concludes by describing methods for learning other problem solving knowledge. This knowledge can be represented by allowing operators at different levels of abstraction in a refinement.
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Conference Paper
Baltes, Jacky
(Calgary Univ. Alberta Canada)
MacDonald, Bruce
(Calgary Univ. Alberta Canada)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 1992
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Publication: Proceedings of the Workshop on Change of Representation and Problem Reformulation
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