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Global Dynamic Modeling of Space-Geodetic DataThe proposal had outlined a year for program conversion, a year for testing and debugging, and two years for numerical experiments. We kept to that schedule. In first (partial) year, author designed a finite element for isostatic thin-shell deformation on a sphere, derived all of its algebraic and stiffness properties, and embedded it in a new finite element code which derives its basic solution strategy (and some critical subroutines) from earlier flat-Earth codes. Also designed and programmed a new fault element to represent faults along plate boundaries. Wrote a preliminary version of a spherical graphics program for the display of output. Tested this new code for accuracy on individual model plates. Made estimates of the computer-time/cost efficiency of the code for whole-earth grids, which were reasonable. Finally, converted an interactive graphical grid-designer program from Cartesian to spherical geometry to permit the beginning of serious modeling. For reasons of cost efficiency, models are isostatic, and do not consider the local effects of unsupported loads or bending stresses. The requirements are: (1) ability to represent rigid rotation on a sphere; (2) ability to represent a spatially uniform strain-rate tensor in the limit of small elements; and (3) continuity of velocity across all element boundaries. Author designed a 3-node triangle shell element which has two different sets of basis functions to represent (vector) velocity and all other (scalar) variables. Such elements can be shown to converge to the formulas for plane triangles in the limit of small size, but can also applied to cover any area smaller than a hemisphere. The difficult volume integrals involved in computing the stiffness of such elements are performed numerically using 7 Gauss integration points on the surface of the sphere, beneath each of which a vertical integral is performed using about 100 points.
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September 6, 2013
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December 31, 1995
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