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A General Method for Automatic Computation of Equilibrium Compositions and Theoretical Rocket Performance of PropellantsA general computer program for chemical equilibrium and rocket performance calculations was written for the IBM 650 computer with 2000 words of drum storage, 60 words of high-speed core storage, indexing registers, and floating point attachments. The program is capable of carrying out combustion and isentropic expansion calculations on a chemical system that may include as many as 10 different chemical elements, 30 reaction products, and 25 pressure ratios. In addition to the equilibrium composition, temperature, and pressure, the program calculates specific impulse, specific impulse in vacuum, characteristic velocity, thrust coefficient, area ratio, molecular weight, Mach number, specific heat, isentropic exponent, enthalpy, entropy, and several thermodynamic first derivatives.
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Other - NASA Technical Note (TN)
Gordon, Sanford
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Zeleznik, Frank J.
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Huff, Vearl N.
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
October 1, 1959
Subject Category
Propellants And Fuels
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