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Motion Cueing Algorithm Development: Initial Investigation and Redesign of the AlgorithmsIn this project four motion cueing algorithms were initially investigated. The classical algorithm generated results with large distortion and delay and low magnitude. The NASA adaptive algorithm proved to be well tuned with satisfactory performance, while the UTIAS adaptive algorithm produced less desirable results. Modifications were made to the adaptive algorithms to reduce the magnitude of undesirable spikes. The optimal algorithm was found to have the potential for improved performance with further redesign. The center of simulator rotation was redefined. More terms were added to the cost function to enable more tuning flexibility. A new design approach using a Fortran/Matlab/Simulink setup was employed. A new semicircular canals model was incorporated in the algorithm. With these changes results show the optimal algorithm has some advantages over the NASA adaptive algorithm. Two general problems observed in the initial investigation required solutions. A nonlinear gain algorithm was developed that scales the aircraft inputs by a third-order polynomial, maximizing the motion cues while remaining within the operational limits of the motion system. A braking algorithm was developed to bring the simulator to a full stop at its motion limit and later release the brake to follow the cueing algorithm output.
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Langley Research Center
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Contractor Report (CR)
Telban, Robert J.
(State Univ. of New York Binghamton, NY United States)
Wu, Weimin
(State Univ. of New York Binghamton, NY United States)
Cardullo, Frank M.
(State Univ. of New York Binghamton, NY United States)
Houck, Jacob A.
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September 7, 2013
Publication Date
March 1, 2000
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Man/System Technology And Life Support
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NAS 1.26:209863
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PROJECT: RTOP 992-30-11-01
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