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Effect of In-Flight Exercise and Extravehicular Activity on Postflight Stand TestsThe purpose of this study was to determine whether exercise performed by Space Shuttle crewmembers during short-duration spaceflights (9-16 days) affects the heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) responses to standing within 2-4 hr of landing. Thirty crewmembers performed self-selected in-flight exercise and maintained exercise logs to monitor their exercise intensity and duration. A 10min stand test, preceded by at least 6 min of quiet supine rest, was completed 10- 15 d before launch (PRE) and within four hours of landing (POST). Based upon their in-flight exercise records, subjects were grouped as either high (HIex: = 3x/week, HR = 70% ,HRMax, = 20 min/session, n = 11), medium (MEDex: = 3x/week, HR = 70% HRmax, = 20 min/session, n = 10), or low (LOex: = 3x/week, HR and duration variable, n = 11) exercisers. HR and BP responses to standing were compared between groups (ANOVA, or analysis of variance, P < 0.05). There were no PRE differences between the groups in supine or standing HR and BP. Although POST supine HR was similar to PRE, all groups had an increased standing HR compared to PRE. The increase in HR upon standing was significantly greater after flight in the LOex group (36+/-5 bpm) compared to HIex or MEDex groups (25+/-1bpm; 22+/-2 bpm). Similarly, the decrease in pulse pressure (PP) from supine to standing was unchanged after spaceflight in the MEDex and HIex groups, but was significantly less in the LOex group (PRE: -9+/- 3, POST: -19+/- 4 mmHg). Thus, moderate to high levels of in-flight exercise attenuated HR and PP responses to standing after spaceflight compared.
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Lee, Stuart M. C.
(Wyle Labs., Inc. Houston, TX United States)
Moore, Alan D., Jr.
(Wyle Labs., Inc. Houston, TX United States)
Fritsch-Yelle, Janice
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX United States)
Greenisen, Michael
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX United States)
Schneider, Suzanne M.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX United States)
Foster, Philip P.
(Baylor Coll. of Medicine Houston, TX United States)
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September 7, 2013
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May 1, 2000
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Aerospace Medicine
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NAS 1.15:210185
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