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The Effect of Radiation on Selected Photographic FilmWe conducted this film test to evaluate several manufacturers' photographic films for their ability to acquire imagery on the International Space Station. We selected 25 motion picture, photographic slide, and negative films from three different film manufacturers. We based this selection on the fact that their films ranked highest in other similar film tests, and on their general acceptance by the international community. This test differed from previous tests because the entire evaluation process leading up to the final selection was based on information derived after the original flight film was scanned to a digital file. Previously conducted tests were evaluated entirely based on 8 x 10s that were produced from the film either directly or through the internegative process. This new evaluation procedure provided accurate quantitative data on granularity and contrast from the digital data. This test did not try to define which film was best visually. This is too often based on personal preference. However, the test results did group the films by good, marginal, and unacceptable. We developed, and included in this report, a template containing quantitative, graphical, and visual information for each film. These templates should be sufficient for comparing the different films tested and subsequently selecting a film or films to be used for experiments and general documentation on the International Space Station.
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Technical Publication (TP)
Slater, Richard
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX United States)
Kinard, John
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX United States)
Firsov, Ivan
(Energia Space Corp. Moscow Russia)
Date Acquired
September 7, 2013
Publication Date
October 1, 2000
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Instrumentation And Photography
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NAS 1:60-210193
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