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Subscale Composite Liquid Oxygen Tank TestingLockheed Martin Space Systems Company recently completed a two-year fabrication and test program on subscale composite liquid oxygen (LO2) tanks. The goals of this program included the development of fabrication and inspection techniques, cryogenic acceptance testing of composite articles, and demonstrating oxygen compatibility under launch vibration loads. Two subscale diameter test bottles were fabricated using a proprietary Lockheed Martin material, known as LM21C03. The bottles were then inspected using an array of NDE techniques and then put through a cryogenic acceptance test program at Lockheed Martin. A NASA/Lockheed Martin test team then subjected a composite bottle to testing at an X-33 vibration profile for 15 minutes at use pressure. The tests were run at various LO2 fill levels, with and without intentionally added debris. All tests were successful in that the composite bottle showed no signs of ignition or combustion as a result of the vibration testing. This test program is an important bridge between coupon-level and subcomponent LO2 compatibility tests and full-scale composite LO2 tank use.
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Graf, Neil A. (Lockheed Martin Michoud Space Systems New Orleans, LA United States)
Davis, Kevin (Lockheed Martin Michoud Space Systems New Orleans, LA United States)
McBain, Michael (Lockheed Martin Michoud Space Systems New Orleans, LA United States)
Austin, Robert E.
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September 7, 2013
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January 1, 2000
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Structural Mechanics
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SAMPE International Technical Conference(Boston, MA)
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