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Code Sharing and Collaboration: Experiences From the Scientist's Expert Assistant Project and Their Relevance to the Virtual ObservatoryIn the Virtual Observatory (VO), software tools will perform the functions that have traditionally been performed by physical observatories and their instruments. These tools will not be adjuncts to VO functionality but will make up the very core of the VO. Consequently, the tradition of observatory and system independent tools serving a small user base is not valid for the VO. For the VO to succeed, we must improve software collaboration and code sharing between projects and groups. A significant goal of the Scientist's Expert Assistant (SEA) project has been promoting effective collaboration and code sharing among groups. During the past three years, the SEA project has been developing prototypes for new observation planning software tools and strategies. Initially funded by the Next Generation Space Telescope, parts of the SEA code have since been adopted by the Space Telescope Science Institute. SEA has also supplied code for the SIRTF (Space Infrared Telescope Facility) planning tools, and the JSky Open Source Java library. The potential benefits of sharing code are clear. The recipient gains functionality for considerably less cost. The provider gains additional developers working with their code. If enough users groups adopt a set of common code and tools, de facto standards can emerge (as demonstrated by the success of the FITS standard). Code sharing also raises a number of challenges related to the management of the code. In this talk, we will review our experiences with SEA--both successes and failures, and offer some lessons learned that might promote further successes in collaboration and re-use.
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Korathkar, Anuradha (Space Telescope Science Inst. Baltimore, MD United States)
Grosvenor, Sandy (Booz-Allen and Hamilton, Inc. Seabrook, MD United States)
Jones, Jeremy (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD United States)
Li, Connie (Commerce One Global Services Laurel, MD United States)
Mackey, Jennifer (Commerce One Global Services Laurel, MD United States)
Neher, Ken (Space Telescope Science Inst. Baltimore, MD United States)
Obenschain, Arthur F.
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September 7, 2013
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January 22, 2001
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Computer Programming and Software
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SPIE Astronomical Data Analysis Conference(San Diego, CA)
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