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Spinoff from a Moon ToolPortable self-contained drill capable of extracting core samples as much as 10 feet below the surface was needed for the astronauts. Black & Decker used a specially developed computer program to optimize the design of the drill's motor and insure minimal power consumption. Refinement of the original technology led to the development of a cordless miniature vacuum cleaner called the Dustbuster. It has no hose, no cord, is 14 inches long, and also comes with a storage bracket that also serves as a recharger; plugs into a home outlet that charges the nickel cadmium batteries when not in use. Other home use cordless instruments include drills, shrub trimmers and grass shears. Company also manufactures a number of cordless tools used in the sheet metal automobile and construction industries, and a line of cordless orthopedic instruments.
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August 21, 2013
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January 1, 1981
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Publication: Spinoff 1981
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Mechanical Engineering
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