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Failure Criteria for FRP Laminates in Plane StressA new set of six failure criteria for fiber reinforced polymer laminates is described. Derived from Dvorak's fracture mechanics analyses of cracked plies and from Puck's action plane concept, the physically-based criteria, denoted LaRC03, predict matrix and fiber failure accurately without requiring curve-fitting parameters. For matrix failure under transverse compression, the fracture plane is calculated by maximizing the Mohr-Coulomb effective stresses. A criterion for fiber kinking is obtained by calculating the fiber misalignment under load, and applying the matrix failure criterion in the coordinate frame of the misalignment. Fracture mechanics models of matrix cracks are used to develop a criterion for matrix in tension and to calculate the associated in-situ strengths. The LaRC03 criteria are applied to a few examples to predict failure load envelopes and to predict the failure mode for each region of the envelope. The analysis results are compared to the predictions using other available failure criteria and with experimental results. Predictions obtained with LaRC03 correlate well with the experimental results.
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Technical Memorandum (TM)
Davila, Carlos G.
(NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
Camanho, Pedro P.
(Porto Univ. Portugal)
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September 7, 2013
Publication Date
November 1, 2003
Subject Category
Structural Mechanics
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WORK_UNIT: WU 23-719-55
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