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Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) for Characterizing Oxidation Damage in Cracked Reinforced Carbon-CarbonIn this study, coated reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC) samples of similar structure and composition as that from the NASA space shuttle orbiter's thermal protection system were fabricated with slots in their coating simulating craze cracks. These specimens were used to study oxidation damage detection and characterization using nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods. These specimens were heat treated in air at 1143 C and 1200 C to create cavities in the carbon substrate underneath the coating as oxygen reacted with the carbon and resulted in its consumption. The cavities varied in diameter from approximately 1 to 3mm. Single-sided NDE methods were used because they might be practical for on-wing inspection, while X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT) was used to measure cavity sizes in order to validate oxidation models under development for carbon-carbon materials. An RCC sample having a naturally cracked coating and subsequent oxidation damage was also studied with X-ray micro-CT. This effort is a follow-on study to one that characterized NDE methods for assessing oxidation damage in an RCC sample with drilled holes in the coating.
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Roth, Don J.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Jacobson, Nathan S.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Rauser, Richard W.
(Toledo Univ. Toledo, OH, United States)
Wincheski, Russell A.
(NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
Walker, James L.
(NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, AL, United States)
Cosgriff, Laura A.
(Cleveland State Univ. Cleveland, OH, United States)
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August 25, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2010
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Publication: International Journal of Ceramic Technology
Volume: 7
Issue: 5
Subject Category
Composite Materials
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WBS: WBS 724297.
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