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KSC Tech Transfer News, Volume 5, No. 1In October 2011, the White House released a presidential memorandum titled "Accelerating Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Federal Research in Support of High-Growth Businesses." It emphasized the importance of technology transfer as a driver of successful innovation to fuel economic growth, create jobs, and make U.S. industries more competitive in a global market. In response to this memorandum, NASA developed a 5-year plan for accelerating its own technology transfer activities. This plan outlines key objectives for enhancing NASA's ability to increase the rate, volume, and quality of technology transfers to industry, academia, and other Government agencies. By doing so, we are increasing the economic impact and public benefit of Federal technology investments. In addition, NASA established technology transfer as a key element of one of its Agency High Priority Performance Goals: "Enable bold new missions and make new technologies available to Government agencies and U.S. industry."What does this mean to you? In the broadest sense, NASA defines technology transfer as the utilization of NASA's technological assets- technologies, innovations, unique facilities and equipment, and technical expertise- by public and private sectors to benefit the Nation. So, if your job involves developing new technologies, writing new software, creating innovative ways to do business, performing research, or developing new technical capabilities, you could be contributing to Kennedy Space Center's (KSC) technology transfer activities by creating the technological assets that may one day be used by external partners. Furthermore, anytime you provide technical expertise to external partners, you're participating in technology transfer. The single most important step you can take to support the technology transfer process is to report new technologies and innovations ro the Technology Transfer Office. This is the critical first step in fueling the technology transfer pipeline. This is also a requirement for all Federal employees (see NPD 2091.1 B) and most NASA contractors. Detailed information on when, where, and how ro report new technology is provided on the following page. In addition, it's important that all detailed-oriented discussions about technology between NASA and external partners are documented or that they occur under formal agreements such as Space Act Agreements and Nondisclosure Agreements. Our office can assist you in putting these agreements into place, protecting NASA's interests, and providing the means to accurately measure the Agency's technology transfer activities. Technology transfer is everyone's responsibility. We need your help to ensure that NASA remains the leader in Federal technology transfer, and that the great work done at KSC provides the maximum economic and societal benefit to the Nation.
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Buckingham, Bruce (NASA Kennedy Space Center Cocoa Beach, FL, United States)
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August 26, 2013
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March 1, 2012
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Technology Utilization and Surface Transportation
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