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New Pharmacology Studies on the ISSIt is known that medications degrade over time and that extreme storage conditions will hasten their degradation. This is the basis of the HRP Risk of Ineffective or Toxic Medications Due to Long Term Storage. Gaps include questions about the effects of the spaceflight environment and about the potential for safe use of medications beyond their expiration dates. There are also open questions regarding effects of the spaceflight environment on human physiology and subsequent changes in how medications act on the body; these unanswered questions gave rise to the HRP Concern of Clinically Relevant Unpredicted Effects of Medication. Studies designed to address this Risk and Concern are described below.
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Conference Paper
Wotring, Virginia E. (Universities Space Research Association Houston, TX, United States)
Pour, S. (Wyle Science, Technology and Engineering Group Houston, TX, United States)
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October 22, 2014
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January 1, 2015
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Aerospace Medicine
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2015 Human Research Program (HRP) Investigators'' Workshop(Galveston, TX)
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