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dragons - a micrometeoroid and orbital debris impact sensorThe Debris Resistive/Acoustic Grid Orbital Navy-NASA Sensor (DRAGONS) is intended to be a large area impact sensor for in situ measurements of micrometeoroids and orbital debris (MMOD) in the millimeter or smaller size regime. These MMOD particles are too small to be detected by ground-based radars and optical telescopes, but are still large enough to be a serious safety concern for human space activities and robotic missions in the low Earth orbit (LEO) region. The nominal detection area of a DRAGONS unit is 1 m2, consisting of several independently operated panels. The approach of the DRAGONS design is to combine different particle impact detection principles to maximize information that can be extracted from detected events. After more than 10 years of concept and technology development, a 1 m2 DRAGONS system has been selected for deployment on the International Space Station (ISS) in August 2016. The project team achieved a major milestone when the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) was completed in May 2015. Once deployed on the ISS, this multi-year mission will provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate the MMOD detection capability of the DRAGONS technologies and to collect data to better define the small MMOD environment at the ISS altitude.

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Conference Paper
Liou, J. -C.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
Corsaro, R.
(Naval Research Lab. Arlington, VA, United States)
Giovane, F.
(Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA, United States)
Anderson, C.
(Naval Academy Annapolis, MD, United States)
Sadilek, A.
(Naval Academy Annapolis, MD, United States)
Burchell, M.
(Kent Univ. Canterbury, United Kingdom)
Hamilton, J.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
Date Acquired
October 15, 2015
Publication Date
July 4, 2015
Subject Category
Spacecraft Instrumentation and Astrionics
Space Transportation and Safety
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Nano-Satellite Symposium (NSAT)(Kobe-Hyogo)
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