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High Thrust-to-Power Annular Engine TechnologyGridded ion engines have the highest efficiency and total impulse of any mature electric propulsion technology, and have been successfully implemented for primary propulsion in both geocentric and heliocentric environments with excellent ground-in-space correlation of performance. However, they have not been optimized to maximize thrust-to-power, an important parameter for Earth orbit transfer applications. This publication discusses technology development work intended to maximize this parameter. These activities include investigating the capabilities of a non-conventional design approach, the annular engine, which has the potential of exceeding the thrust-to-power of other EP technologies. This publication discusses the status of this work, including the fabrication and initial tests of a large-area annular engine. This work is being conducted in collaboration among NASA Glenn Research Center, The Aerospace Corporation, and the University of Michigan.
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Patterson, Michael (NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Thomas, Robert (NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Crofton, Mark (Aerospace Corp. El Segundo, CA, United States)
Young, Jason A. (Aerospace Corp. El Segundo, CA, United States)
Foster, John E. (Michigan Univ. Ann Arbor, MI, United States)
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December 15, 2015
Publication Date
July 27, 2015
Subject Category
Spacecraft Propulsion and Power
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AIAA Paper 2015-3719
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WBS: WBS 295670.01.04.41
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Public Use Permitted.
electric propulsion
in-space propulsion

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