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High-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) Middleware OverviewHigh Performance Spacecraft Computing (HPSC) is a joint project between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to develop a high-performance multi-core radiation hardened flight processor. HPSC offers a new flight computing architecture to meet the needs of NASA missions through 2030 and beyond. Providing on the order of 100X the computational capacity of current flight processors for the same amount of power, the multicore architecture of the HPSC processor, or "Chiplet" provides unprecedented flexibility in a flight computing system by enabling the operating point to be set dynamically, trading among needs for computational performance, energy management and fault tolerance. The HPSC Chiplet is being developed by Boeing under contract to NASA, and is expected to provide prototypes in 2021. The HPSC Chiplet prototypes will be delivered with an evaluation board, system emulators, comprehensive system software, and a software development kit. In addition to the vendor deliverables, the AFRL is funding the development of a flexible Middleware to be developed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The HPSC Middleware provides a suite of thirteen high level services to manage the compute, memory and I/O resources of this complex device.This presentation will provide an overview of the HPSC project, including a hardware overview, system software overview, Middleware overview, and mission use cases. The hardware overview will provide a look at the 8 core High Performance Processing Subsystem (HPPS), the Real Time Processing Subsystem (RTPS), the Chiplet Configuration Management Subsystem, on chip peripherals, and high speed I/O. The system software overview will introduce the boot loaders, operating systems, device drivers, and software development environment. The Middleware overview will provide insight into the high-level services that will be provided to help mission developers manage the many resources and configurations made possible with the Chiplet. Finally, the presentation will provide a brief look at the mission use cases that can be enabled with this next generation architecture.
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Cudmore, Alan
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD, United States)
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March 8, 2019
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December 3, 2019
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Computer Programming And Software
Spacecraft Design, Testing And Performance
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Meeting: 2018 Flight Software Workshop
Location: San Antonio, TX
Country: United States
Start Date: December 3, 2018
End Date: December 6, 2018
Sponsors: Southwest Research Inst.
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