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Hazards Analysis and Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA) of Four Concept Vehicle Propulsion SystemsThe primary objective of this research effort is to identify failure modes and hazards associated with the concept vehicles and to perform functional hazard analyses (FHA) and failure modes and effects criticality analyses (FMECA) for each. Boeing also created a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) for each of the concept vehicles, as the FTA contains the connectivity between systems and is an accepted, top-down method to analyze the safety of an air-vehicle. Conceptual design of notional powertrain configuration for each of four (4) NASA RVLT (Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology) Concept Vehicles were developed in as much detail as was necessary to support the reliability and safety analysis for this project. Functional block diagrams from each of the conceptual powertrain configurations were created and used to order the FHA, FMECA, and FTA. Hazards were identified and the severity of each were categorized in the FHA for use in a follow-up FMECA. The FTA took inputs from the FMECA and the functional block diagrams to develop the connectivity and develop a quantitative architecture that could be used to perform sensitivity studies, as related to vehicle safety.Guidelines for reliability targets for both the air vehicle and the operation in the UAM (Urban Air Mobility) mission are discussed. An industry literature search was performed in order to assess gaps in existing government regulations and industry specifications. The industry literature search led to air-vehicle and operational reliability discussions, as related to Distributed Electric/Hybrid-Electric Propulsion (DE/HEP) system operating in the UAM role. A discussion of results and recommendations for future work is also provided.
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Darmstadt, Patrick R. (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Catanese, Ralph (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Beiderman, Allan (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Dones, Fernando (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Chen, Ephraim (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Mistry, Mihir P. (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Babie, Brian (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Beckman, Mary (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Preator, Robin (Boeing Company Philadelphia, PA, United States)
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June 18, 2019
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June 1, 2019
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Air Transportation and Safety
Aircraft Propulsion and Power
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TASK: 80ARC018F0121
WBS: 664817.
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Public Use Permitted.
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NASA Technical Management
Hazards Analysis
Propulsion System
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