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Gateway System RequirementsThe Gateway Program (GW) System Requirements Document (SRD) is approved for the public domain to support NASA's Lunar Gateway Program. The main intent of these documents is to define top level functional and performance requirements for the systems that facilitate cooperative deep space exploration endeavors and execute lunar missions. The SRD defines NASA requirements for the procurement and development of the GW mission. The Gateway Program is a collaboration of US government, international partners and commercial providers. The Gateway SRD are expected to be used by all parties in development of the Gateway Program elements. For effective development and integration of the Gateway vehicle, all involved entities must use, and have awareness of, these high level program requirements to flow down to their respective developmental responsibilities so all Gateway elements will be operable as an entity. The Gateway SRD represents the requirements that are necessary for the Gateway mission. NASA has determined there is benefit to U.S. and foreign spacecraft developers to approve this information for the public domain because all the parties/participants need a common understanding of the requirements and the parameters under which they operate (size, shape, form fit and function). This will allow systems built by various nations and commercial entities to attach and function together properly and safely in the hostile environment of space.The Gateway SRD provides information regarding the current requirements for Gateway elements. Specifically, the Gateway SRD provide an overview of expected features and capabilities and requirements for safe integration of elements within the Gateway program. The SRD contains top-level functional and performance descriptions of the Gateway and definition of the interfaces limited to the scope necessary for integration purposes between Gateway elements. The documents do NOT contain detailed design information or any specifics of hardware or software implementation. The data approved for release does not include: manufacturing drawings, detailed interface control and design data, software code, detailed CAD models, structural or thermal models of the system, avionics or avionics box, board, or cable manufacturing information.
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Adamek, Christopher
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
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August 19, 2019
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July 10, 2019
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Spacecraft Design, Testing And Performance
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