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Free Space Optics - Transportable Test PlatformThe study examines potential approaches and benefits to government space agencies and industry regarding the development and testing of free space optics (FSO) satellite communication systems should government space agencies launch optical satellite payloads and/or develop a transportable test platform with which industry provided optical ground systems (OGSs) could interface. The study examines atmospheric and environmental effects on FSO networks, as well as the multitude of mitigation techniques available to compensate for those effects. Research suggests that there are a multitude of potential techniques that could be implemented to mitigate the adverse effects of atmospheric/environmental conditions, and to optimize the effectiveness of FSO networks. Testing and selection of this broad array of techniques is a prerequisite to making FSO space segment systems and OGSs interoperable. The study discusses testing that is required to define FSO standards. The establishment of interoperable standards is complicated by the existence of a multitude of potential schemes/specifications to address each mitigation/optimization challenge; very little is yet standardized. Standardization is further complicated by the fact that the selection of a design approach which benefits one consideration often disadvantages another consideration. Each mitigation techniques must be evaluated as an element of the complete system to gain an accurate understanding of its effects on system efficacy.
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Conference Paper
Haddad, George (NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
McGarrahan, Roger (PathFinder Digital Sanford, FL, United States)
Bertelsen, Justin (PathFinder Digital Sanford, FL, United States)
McGarrahan, Nicolas (PathFinder Digital Sanford, FL, United States)
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October 9, 2019
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September 30, 2019
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Space Communications, Spacecraft Communications, Command and Tracking
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Ka and Broadband Communications Conference(Sorrento)
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WBS: 277985.01.01.01
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