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Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Aerospace ApplicationsAn overview will be provided on NASA GRC activities in additive manufacturing (AM) technology development for advanced high performance, propulsion component designs in electric motors and turbine engine systems in future electrified aircraft. AM offers significant benefits over conventional manufacturing to fabricate components that are more compact, lighter weight, geometrically complex, innovatively cooled, integrated, multi-material, and multifunctional. For turbine engine applications, silicon carbide (SiC) based composites are being pursued using binder jetting. For electric motor applications, additive processes are being applied toward optimized component designs to include the housing, rotor, and stators with 3-D printing and wire imbedded coils and with direct printed 3-phase coils. The will be an emphasis on capabilities in additive manufacturing.
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Halbig, Michael C.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
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November 18, 2019
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October 23, 2019
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Aeronautics (General)
Mechanical Engineering
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WBS: 736466.
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