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Dyna-Soar BioastronauticsDyna-Soar is a manned boost-orbit-glide vehicle. Conventional booster and guidance systems will place the glider on a course at the proper altitude and velocity with the resultant energy to accomplish the planned mission. After boost termination,
the pilot verifies the course during orbit and controls the flight path during reentry, approach, and landing. The flight profiles and over-all flight regime for the Dyna-Soar's single-orbit mission will impose no new or extreme environmental hazards
on the pilot. '!he environmental parameters of a normal space flight will not expose the pilot to stress magnitudes as great as pilots have experienced in the Mercury flights. Under presently planned flights, the pilot should be in an environment that is well within known human tolerances. We will present the calculated environmental stress to be imposed on the pilot in both normal and emergency conditions and the design techniques .developed to provide a cockpit that will keep the pilot well within his tolerance limits. The various primary environmental parameters will be discussed separately. The solution for each parameter will be discussed in a concurrent manner. No significance is attached to the order in which the specific parameters of the environment are considered.
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Conference Paper
Robert Y Walker (Boeing (United States) Chicago, Illinois, United States)
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August 1, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1962
Publication Information
Publication: Proceedings of the National Meeting on Manned Space Flight (Unclassified Portion)
Subject Category
Aerospace Medicine
Meeting Information
National Meeting on Manned Space Flight(St. Louis, MO)
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.
Space flight
Life support system

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