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Design Comparison of Lunar Return ConfigurationsParabolic manned re-entry design comparisons are made between two classes of slender and blunt configurations capable of conventional horizontal and vertical earth landings. Aerodynamic modulation using flaps and control augmentation
requirements are discussed in terms of their effect upon re-entry trajectories and landing footprints. Within the environment defined by the re-entry trajectories, the convective and radiative modes of heat transfer are compared, their differences discussed, and the problems associated with the configurations for planetary return missions indicated. Thermal protection systems are discussed and the factors influencing the selection of a given system for the re-entry environment are indicated. Comparison between reflective and absorptive systems are made and the merits of each for a given flight time indicated. A thermo-structural analysis is presented which shows the trade-oft between structural operating temperature and heat protection system thickness requirements. Total heat shield and structural weights are compared for the landing footprints presented and their variation with range shown. Finally, the areas of uncertainty in the aero-thermo structural design analysis are indicated for each class of configuration studied, and the weight differences between conventional horizontal landing and vertical descent configurations are given.
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Conference Paper
E Offenhartz (Avco Greenwich, Connecticut, United States)
C F Berninger (Avco Greenwich, Connecticut, United States)
W Zeh (Avco Greenwich, Connecticut, United States)
M C Adams (Avco Greenwich, Connecticut, United States)
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August 1, 2013
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January 1, 1962
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Publication: Proceedings of the National Meeting on Manned Space Flight (Unclassified Portion)
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National Meeting on Manned Space Flight(St. Louis, MO)
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.
Parabolic flight
Manned reentry
Lunar spacecraft
Reentry trajectory

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