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Runaway stars in the Gum NebulaIt is proposed that the two pulsars PSR 0833-45 (the Vela pulsar) and MP 0835 are runaways from a common binary system originally located in the B association around gamma Velorum. Arguments are presented for a simple model of the Gum nebula in which two distinct ionized regions are present. The first consists of the Stromgren spheres of gamma Velorum and zeta Puppis, while the second is a larger, more filamentary region ionized by the supernova explosion associated with PSR 0833-45. Using this model and the available dispersion measures, the distances to the two pulsars were estimated and found to be compatible with a runaway origin. The position angle of the rotation axis of PSR 0833-45 is also compatible with this origin. The masses of the parent stars of the two pulsars can be deduced from the runaway star dynamics and an assumed age for MP 0835. It is concluded that the masses were in excess of 10 solar masses. The dynamically-determined parent star masses are in agreement with the values expected for evolved members of the B association around gamma Velorum.
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Conference Paper
Got, J. R., III (Princeton Univ. Observatory NJ, United States)
Ostriker, J. P. (Princeton Univ. Observatory NJ, United States)
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August 6, 2013
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September 1, 1971
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center The Gum Nebula and Related Probl.
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