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Preliminary geologic map of the region around the candidate Proclus Apollo landing site, part JThe Proclus Crater region was mapped to test the value, for photogeologic mapping purposes, of Apollo 15 metric photographs and to estimate the scientific value of the area as a potential landing site. Adjacent frames of the metric photography were overlapped with the base frame to provide stereographic images. Because of the high quality of the photographs, it was found that the geologic units could be more definitely interpreted and dated than those of earlier maps. The photographs tend to confirm the earlier interpretation of the rugged area as composed of bedrock uplifted when the Crisium basin formed. They also suggest that an earlier predominantly volcanic interpretation of the terra in this area might be replaced by an interpretation in which mass wasting and fracturing play the major roles in producing different terrain types. It was concluded that because of apparent lithologic homogeneity, the terra of the Proclus region is an undesirable objective for an extensive manned lunar landing mission.
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Wilhelms, D. E. (Geological Survey Washington, DC, United States)
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August 6, 2013
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January 1, 1972
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Publication: NASA. Manned Spacecraft Center Apollo 15 Prelim. Sci. Rept.
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