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Advantages of the diffuser-augmented wind turbinePerformance optimization for a wind turbine is realized by using a shrouded diffuser to produce up to twice the power of unshrouded turbines of the same diameter. The diffuser converts the kinetic energy of the flow downstream of the rotor into a pressure rise and thus makes it possible for the rotor to capture airflow from a free stream tube area that is greater than that from the rotor itself. The flow velocity through the shrouded rotor is 20 to 60 percent greater than the free wind velocity as opposed to 67 percent less for the unshrouded case. The diffuser also makes it possible to accommodate very high wind speeds without the need of variable pitch in the rotor blades.
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Conference Paper
Oman, R. A.
(Grumman Aerospace Corp. Bethpage, NY, United States)
Foreman, K. M.
(Grumman Aerospace Corp. Bethpage, NY, United States)
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August 7, 2013
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December 1, 1973
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Publication: NASA. Lewis Res. Center Wind Energy Conversion Systems
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Auxiliary Systems
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