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Some volcanic and structural features of Mare SerenitatisRelationships between volcanic and structural features along the southern edge of Mare Serenitatis as determined from low angle lighting in Apollo 17 photographs are discussed. Observational summaries are given of: (1) contact relations between the dark border material and the central mare fill, (2) a late stage lava flow with associated cinder cones, and (3) certain structural features related to the development of the mare basin and its associated volcanic landforms. A chronologic summary is given of volcanic and structural events believed to be critical to understanding the development of Mare Serenitatis.
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Bryan, W. B.
(Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. MA, United States)
Adams, M.
(Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. MA, United States)
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August 7, 2013
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January 1, 1973
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Publication: NASA. Johnson Space Center Apollo 17 Prelim. Sci. Rept.
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Space Sciences
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