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Remote sensing experiment in West AfricaThere are substantial needs of the Sahelien Zone to detail the state of regional agricultural resources in the face of a sixth year of serious drought conditions. While most of the work has been done in the Republic of Niger, the principles which have emerged from the analysis seem to be applicable to much of the Sahel. The discussion relates to quite specific rehabilitation and development initiations under consideration in Niger which are based in part upon direct analysis of ERTS imagery of the country, in part on field surveys and on discussions with Nigerian officials and technicians. Again, because the entire Sahelien Zone (including Niger) has large zones of similar ecologic characteristics, modificiations of the approaches suggested for Niger are applicable to the solution of rehabilitation of the desert, the savannah and the woodlands of West Africa in general.
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Macleod, N. H.
(American Univ. Washington, DC, United States)
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August 7, 2013
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January 1, 1974
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center 3d ERTS-1 Symp., Vol. 1, Sect. A
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