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ERTS-1 Role in land management and planning in MinnesotaResearch on applications of ERTS-1 imagery to land use has focused on evaluating the ability of ERTS-1 imagery to update and refine the detail of land use information in the Minnesota Land Management Information System. Work has been directed toward defining the capabilities of the ERTS-1 system to provide information about surface cover by identifying forest, water, and wetland resources; urban and agricultural development: and testing and evaluating data input and output procedures. As capabilities were developed, meetings were held with administrators and resource information users from various agencies of government to identify their information needs. A full scale systems test for several selected pilot areas in the state is nearly complete. Users have been identified for each test area and they have been instrumental in identifying data requirements and analysis needs for administrative purposes. Users have both rural and urban orientations and provide a basis for evaluation of the results.
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Conference Paper
Sizer, J. E.
(Minn. State Planning Agency Minneapolis, MN, United States)
Brown, D. A.
(Minnesota Univ.)
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August 7, 2013
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January 1, 1974
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center 3d ERTS-1 Symp., Vol. 1, Sect. A.
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