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Impeller blade design method for centrifugal compressorsThe design of a centrifugal impeller with blades that are aerodynamically efficient, easy to manufacture, and mechanically sound is discussed. The blade design method described here satisfies the first two criteria and with a judicious choice of certain variables will also satisfy stress considerations. The blade shape is generated by specifying surface velocity distributions and consists of straight-line elements that connect points at hub and shroud. The method may be used to design radially elemented and backward-swept blades. The background, a brief account of the theory, and a sample design are described.
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Conference Paper
Jansen, W. (Northern Research and Engineering Corp. London, United Kingdom)
Kirschner, A. M. (Northern Research and Engineering Corp. London, United Kingdom)
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August 8, 2013
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January 1, 1974
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Publication: Pennsylvania State Univ. Fluid Mech., Acoustics, and Design of Turbomachinery, Pt. 2
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