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some aspects on unsteady flow past airfoils and cascadesThe unsteady boundary layer due to a gust propagating past an isolated airfoil and on airfoils in cascade was measured with a hot wire anemometer in a low speed gust tunnel. Coherent signals were obtained by a phase lock averaging technique that was implemented in an on-line analysis using a PDP 12 computer. Changes in a boundary layer shape factor, noise level, and pressure gradient were correlated over a complete gust cycle. It is concluded that the character of the boundary layer changes from laminar to turbulent and back to laminar during the course of a gust cycle at certain chordwise positions. These measurements help explain certain anomalies that were observed during a previous study of the pressure fluctuations due to gust loadings on airfoils and cascades.
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Conference Paper
Satyanarayana, B.
(Cambridge Univ.)
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August 8, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 1976
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Publication: AGARD Unsteady Phenomena in Turbomachinery
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