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A charging model for three-axis stabilized spacecraftA charging model was developed for geosynchronous, three-axis stabilized spacecraft when under the influence of a geomagnetic substorm. The differential charging potentials between the thermally coated or blanketed outer surfaces and metallic structure of a spacecraft were determined when the spacecraft was immersed in a dense plasma cloud of energetic particles. The spacecraft-to-environment interaction was determined by representing the charged particle environment by equivalent current source forcing functions and by representing the spacecraft by its electrically equivalent circuit with respect to the plasma charging phenomenon. The charging model included a sun/earth/spacecraft orbit model that simulated the sum illumination conditions of the spacecraft outer surfaces throughout the orbital flight on a diurnal as well as a seasonal basis. Transient and steady-state numerical results for a three-axis stabilized spacecraft are presented.
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Conference Paper
Massaro, M. J.
(General Electric Co. Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Green, T.
(General Electric Co. Philadelphia, PA, United States)
Ling, D.
(General Electric Co. Philadelphia, PA, United States)
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August 9, 2013
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February 24, 1977
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Publication: NASA. Lewis Res. Center Proc. of the Spacecraft Charging Technol. Conf.
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Launch Vehicles And Space Vehicles
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