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Pioneer Venus spacecraft charging modelFive environmental models were constructed to represent the solar wind and the upper, middle, and lower ionosphere of Venus. The spacecraft structure was modeled with over 140 passive electrical elements representing structural elements of the spacecraft. Electron, ion, secondary electron, and photocurrents to the spacecraft from the plasma were calculated, ignoring sheath effects. In all but one case, potentials of interest were less than 1 volt. Potential differences between widely separated points on the equipment shelf were less than 1 mV. The one area of concern is the solar panel potential when the orbiter is passing through the bowshock region.
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Conference Paper
Robinson, P. A., Jr.
(Hughes Aircraft Co. El Segundo, CA, United States)
Holman, A. B.
(Hughes Aircraft Co. El Segundo, CA, United States)
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August 9, 2013
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February 24, 1977
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Publication: NASA. Lewis Res. Center Proc. of the Spacecraft Charging Technol. Conf.
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Launch Vehicles And Space Vehicles
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