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Mass drivers. 1: Electrical designA mass driver is an electrical device used to accelerate payloads of any material to a high velocity. Small vehicles (called buckets) containing superconducting coils carry the payloads. These buckets are accelerated by pulsed magnetic fields, timed by information on their position, and are guided by induced magnetic fields set up in a surrounding guideway. Upon reaching the correct velocity, the buckets release their payloads, then they are slowed for recirculation to be reused. A rationale is presented that leads to a relatively simple and near-optimum design, as well as basic programs for calculating acceleration. The transverse oscillation frequencies are found to be invariant to guideway transverse dimensions.
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Arnold, W. (Hampshire Coll. Amherst, MA, United States)
Bowen, S. (Hampshire Coll. Amherst, MA, United States)
Fine, K. (MIT)
Kaplan, D. (Michigan Univ.)
Kolm, M. (Haverford Coll.)
Kolm, H. (MIT)
Newman, J. (Amherst Coll.)
Oneill, G. K. (Princeton Univ.)
Snow, W. (MIT)
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August 9, 2013
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January 1, 1979
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Publication: NASA. Ames Res. Center Space Resources and Space Settlements
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.

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