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An assessment of near-earth asteroid resourcesOn the basis of remote-sensing evidence and meteorite studies, a substantial fraction of small asteroids in near-earth space should contain abundant volatile (water, carbon, carbon compounds) and/or free metal (nickel-iron) materials. Although there are only about 40 known earth-approaching asteroids, this number could be increased by at least an order of magnitude in a few years by a dedicated search program with a large telescope (48 in. Schmidt). A discovery rate of 20 objects/yr could be expected from a facility costing about $3 million to establish. Relatively high-resolution, broad-wavelength coverage reflectance spectra could be made for many of these objects with a large telescope and instruments under development. Such spectra are necessary for detailed mineralogic, characterizations of these asteroids. Low-resolution survey survey spectra with similar wavelength coverage (UBVRIJHK filters) would provide useful characterizations of fainter objects.
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Gaffey, M. J. (Hawaii Univ. Honolulu, HI, United States)
Helin, E. F. (California Inst. of Technol.)
Oleary, B. (Princeton Univ.)
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August 9, 2013
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January 1, 1979
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Publication: NASA. Ames Res. Center Space Resources and Space Settlements
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