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Networks consolidation programA single consolidated network of ground tracking stations to replace the present two ground-based spacecraft tracking networks is proposed. The proposed consolidated network uses facilities that are now included in the Ground Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network (GSTDN), operated by Goddard Space Flight (GSFC), as well as the existing Deep Space Network (DSN), operated by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). These facilities are combined and modified to provide a consolidated network managed and operated by JPL and capable of supporting the set of planetary and Highly Elliptical Earth Orbiter (HEEO) missions planned for the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) era. The consolidated network is planned to be operational after the TDRSS becomes operational. It will continue to support planetary missions that are now supported by the DSN and also provide support to a broad class of other spacecraft missions which are not compatible with or which, for other reasons, cannot be supported by the TDRSS.
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Yeater, M. L.
(Jet Propulsion Lab., California Inst. of Tech. Pasadena, CA, United States)
Herrman, D. T.
(Jet Propulsion Lab., California Inst. of Tech. Pasadena, CA, United States)
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August 10, 2013
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October 15, 1981
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Publication: The Telecommun. and Data Acquisiton Rept.
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Ground Support Systems And Facilities (Space)
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PROJECT: RTOP 311-03-31-10
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