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The persistence of a visual dominance effect in a telemanipulator task: A comparison between visual and electrotactile feedbackThe possibility to use an electrotactile stimulation in teleoperation and to observe the interpretation of such information as a feedback to the operator was investigated. It is proposed that visual feedback is more informative than an electrotactile one; and that complex electrotactile feedback slows down both the motor decision and motor response processes, is processed as an all or nothing signal, and bypasses the receptive structure and accesses directly in a working memory where information is sequentially processed and where memory is limited in treatment capacity. The electrotactile stimulation is used as an alerting signal. It is suggested that the visual dominance effect is the result of the advantage of both a transfer function and a sensory memory register where information is pretreated and memorized for a short time. It is found that dividing attention has an effect on the acquisition of the information but not on the subsequent decision processes.
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Gaillard, J. P.
(Paris XII Univ. Evry, France)
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August 10, 2013
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October 15, 1981
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Publication: JPL Proc. of the 17th Ann. Conf. on Manual Control
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Man/System Technology And Life Support
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