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Survey of computer programs for heat transfer analysisAn overview is presented of the current capabilities of thirty-eight computer programs that can be used for solution of heat transfer problems. These programs range from the large, general-purpose codes with a broad spectrum of capabilities, large user community and comprehensive user support (e.g., ANSYS, MARC, MITAS 2 MSC/NASTRAN, SESAM-69/NV-615) to the small, special purpose codes with limited user community such as ANDES, NNTB, SAHARA, SSPTA, TACO, TEPSA AND TRUMP. The capabilities of the programs surveyed are listed in tabular form followed by a summary of the major features of each program. As with any survey of computer programs, the present one has the following limitations: (1) It is useful only in the initial selection of the programs which are most suitable for a particular application. The final selection of the program to be used should, however, be based on a detailed examination of the documentation and the literature about the program; (2) Since computer software continually changes, often at a rapid rate, some means must be found for updating this survey and maintaining some degree of currency.
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Noor, A. K. (NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
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August 10, 2013
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January 1, 1982
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Publication: Computational Aspects of Heat Transfer in Struct.
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