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Some characteristics and advantages of LANDSAT 3 return beam vidicon imagesOne advantage of a LANDSAT 3 return beam vidicon (RBV) scene is the synoptic view it provides. A 1:500,000 paper print of the size 19.4 cm x 19.4 cm encompasses an area of about 3,721 square miles (9,637 sq. km.) and this compares very favorably in coverage to small scale aerial photography. A second important advantage is that the ground resolution is 38 by 38 meters. Compared to the resolution of the MSS which is 79 by 79 meters the RBV provides a wealth of detail useful for many purposes. A great variety of man made structures are visible including bridges, roads, docks, and small airfields. Agricultural field patterns are clear and settlements of various sizes can be identified and delineated. A third advantage is related to the approximate panchromatic spectral response displayed in RBV images. Since many aerial photographic interpreters are accustomed to working with panchromatic photographs, they should have no difficulty understanding and putting RBV images immediately into use.
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Baker, S. (East Carolina Univ. Greenville, NC, United States)
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August 11, 2013
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January 1, 1981
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Publication: Purdue Univ. CORSE-81: The 1981 Conf. on Remote Sensing Educ.
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