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Solar plages and the interpretation of stellar Ca 2 H and K line variations in late type dwarfsApproximately a dozen late type dwarf stars have been observed by Wilson (1978) to undergo cyclic variability in Ca II H and K line emission which seems analogous to the solar activity cycle. What might be learned about these stars from solar analogies? The Ca II K index is estimated variation of the Sun viewed as a star, and compared with the observed range of Wilson's stellar observations. Results indicate trends of increasing relative variation H-K(max)/H-K(min) with later spectral type, due to decreasing dilutional contribution of residual photospheric flux to a 1 A band at line center, and of increasing relative variation with decreasing relative time of rise to maximum tau rise/tau reminiscent of the observed solar correlation of a quick rise to sunspot maximum with a strong cycle.
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Conference Paper
Cook, J. W. (Hulburt (E. O.) Center for Space Research Washington, DC, United States)
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August 11, 2013
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January 1, 1981
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Publication: Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory 2nd Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun, Vol. 1
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